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What it is like to work for J P Systems?


J P SYSTEMS is hiring for an exciting series of Healthcare IT projects. We function in a fast-paced virtual environment using virtual meeting software to connect us by phone and allow us to view a common screen.


Our corporate culture is characterized by High trust and High productivity. Employees who are highly self-motivated and independent do well here. The majority of our employees telecommute from home and take part in virtual web meetings with other personnel across the country. We hire subject matter experts in Healthcare IT. Our niche is Healthcare IT interoperability planning including enterprise data architecture, standardized medical terminologies, UML data modeling, business process analysis, HL7 data standards development, and IT policy consulting.



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We are #HealthcareIT interoperability architects for large enterprises, UML data modelers, use case developers, business logic analysts and #HL7 messaging standards developers.