J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.

Business Analysis

We provide subject matter experts in IT and healthcare to support your health segment business architecture efforts. By actively participating in HIT working groups and teleconferences with your stakeholders we gather the intelligence on the latest Healthcare IT developments needed to formulate strategies, policies, provide consulting services, and evaluate innovations. We will maximize the interoperability of your iEHR for all functional task areas by incorporating HIT standards, referencing both the FHA FHIM information model and the VHA VIM.

For both business information and business processes architecture. Our Healthcare IT expertise in combination with our in depth knowledge of Federal internal and external partners results in a reduction in the cost and time needed to plan strategies, interview business owners, formulate their requirements, and create the UML models of the domains needed to describe your business architecture activities. We recognize that effective IT and management services must integrate Technology, People, and Processes in order to be successful.

We harmonize your business framework with other organizations' business reference models to maintain a joint integrated business reference model in support of iEHR. For domains in the Business Information Architecture requiring analysis, we will provide information modelers who will create UML information models along with the underlying metadata in a version controlled system according to best practices to document the business architecture of the business lines in VHA. For Business Information Architecture, we maintain and develop the information models for the desired domains and work on a highly detailed level with the architecture and processes of your terminology servers on a case by case basis to determine the level of granularity which should exist in the model.

Some relationships are assumed to be in the terminology. Complex medication or laboratory orders will be evaluated for handling in the terminology servers. For others we will need to have a structure to handle a composition relationship, for example between an Orderable Group and the component Orderable items. In the latter case we would still rely on external knowledge to understand the instance data.

For Business Process Architecture (BPA) We maintain and develop the business process models desired by the client. The business models produced will allow us to identify which processes could be implemented as stand-alone reusable SOA services. The ability to re-use the knowledge represented in the business process models both increases organizational agility to change these processes, and reduces the cost to do so.

We take a comprehensive approach to business architecture that emphasizes development of business models and their artifacts for Business Information Architecture, alignment of Business Process Engineering to business lines, adherence to standards, maximization of tooling solutions, clear and effective stakeholder communications and education, business process improvement and reengineering, expert evaluation of innovation in mobile health (mHealth), technical integration across all functional task areas, change management and business life cycle management.

Our UML and MDHT modeling methodologies allow us to offer true enterprise wide solutions for the VA general standards efforts which are flexible, resilient and proven. Our advanced modeling methods and tooling with MDHT, and architectural solutions combined with our highly-qualified proposed key personnel, including David Bass and Galen Mulrooney, will optimize the speed at which your business architecture can be developed and implemented. Our team’s intimate familiarity with the FHIM information model make us the ideal choice for constructing metadata and bringing version control to VA business architectural products and for providing consultation and support to the VHA business owners.