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Employee Notices


U.S. Employees

US Department of Labor

Notice of Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace

Federal Minimum Wage Act DOL

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Equal Employment Opportunity

Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act

Inspector General: Duty to Report Fraud Hotline

About the Federal Earned Income Tax Notice (EITC)

IRS Federal Earned Income Tax Notice (EITC)

Polygraph Protection Act Notice

Disabled Workers at Special Min. Wage Notice

US Department of Veteran Affairs HotLine Notice

Arizona Employees

Arizona Tax Withholding Form A-4

Arizona Worker's Compensation Notice

Arizona Minimum Wage Act Poster

Arizona Paid Sick Time Poster

Arizona Unemployment Insurance Worker's Notice

More Industrial Commission of Arizona Posters

Smoke Free Arizona Notice

AZ Exposure to Bodily Fluids

AZ Notice of Constructive Discharge

AZ Prohibits Discrimination in Employment

Arizona ADOSH Silica Safety Law

California Employees

California State Workplace Postings

New Employee's Worker's Compensation

California Emergency Contracts

California Payday Notice

California DE 4 Withholding Form

Safety and Health Protection

California Division of Worker's Compensation - DWC-7 form: Injuries caused by work

California Division of Worker's Compensation - DWC-1 form

California Minimum Wage Act

Salario Minimo de California - Espanol

California Unemployment Insurance Worker's Notice

Industrial Welfare Comm. (IWC) Art. 4 Wage Orders

California Equal Employment Opportunity

California OSHA Publications Page

California Whistle Blower's Protection Notice

California Discrimination and Harassment

California Time Off to Vote Notice: Time off to vote in elections.

Florida Employees

All Florida State Notice Posters 2018

Florida Minimum Wage History 2000-2018


Georgia Employees

Georgia G4 Withholding Form

Georgia Worker's Compensation Handbook
(GA Minimum Wage Act; Federal rate prevails. See section for US employees).

Georgia Unemployment Information

Disqualification for Unemployment
(Notice to Excessively Absent Employees)

GA Exceptions Unemployment and Leaves

Equal Pay for Equal Work notice

Idaho Employees

Required Idaho Posters

For ID state WH, submit a second Fed W-4 form


Maryland Employees

Maryland Withholding Form MW507

Maryland Minimum Wage Law

Maryland Minimum Wage Law Montgomery County

Maryland Minimum Wage Law PG County

Maryland Employee Worker's Compensation (C24) Notice

Maryland Unemployment Insurance

Maryland City of Baltimore Discrimination

Maryland Safety and Health Protection (private)

Maryland Equal Pay Notice

Minnesota Employees

Minnesota Withholding Form

Minnesota Workman's Compensation

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Notice

Minnesota Age Discrimination Law

Minnesota Safety and Health Protection

Minnesota Minimum Wage Law


Wisconsin WT-4A 2017 Withholding Form

Wisconsin State Labor Posters Packet

Wisconsin W-204F Withholding Form



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