J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.


Now celebrating our 36th year, we have helped over 300 clients to better define and design their software systems.

Our focus is on data architecture for enterprise healthcare IT systems. We specialize in management and technical planning to support the meaningful exchange of clinical data between enterprises. We provide consulting services for all aspects of data interoperability including standardized clinical terminologies We produce both MED-RT and the SNOMED-CT extension for the Veterans Health Administration.

Once data standards are in place and models have been designed, the actual HIT software as well as XML and databases can be generated directly from the UML models in Java or in C. We are a founding member of Open Health Tools (OHT). This is a non-profit group with active open source projects and a repository of healthcare-related open source software. Such a repository can make the HIT implementation process more affordable. Only with dedicated international cooperation will this be possible in the future.

We have also worked extensively in other industries such as defense for DOD, Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC), weapon systems, logistics, Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C3I) systems for the Navy, several Navy budgeting and financial systems, as well as several Navy ship parts systems, ship refit tracking, army troop mobilization, satellite communications, and submarine sonar array systems.

We were founded in 1983 to provide computer software consulting services to the federal and private sectors. In the 1990's we started applying our extensive database expertise to the healthcare arena. We specialize in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), data architecture, healthcare standards development, medical terminology, medical informatics, UML data modeling, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We were a force behind the data models built for electronic medical records (EHR) for the Veterans Administration (VA) and Indian Health Services (IHS). We are currently active in defining international HIT standards for message transmission and other healthcare functions. We work with international standards organizations such as HL7, NCPDP, LOINC, and SNOMED International on defining healthcare data standards for message transmission and interoperability.

Our Vision

Jackie Mulrooney
Jackie Mulrooney, President

Our vision for Healthcare IT is to architect fully shareable medical records to improve the quality of patient care for all ages from NICs to nursing homes. Exchanging clinical data is an enormous challenge both semantically and syntactically. The solutions are many faceted and the costs can be intimidating. But there are standard terminologies which can be referenced, open source architectural tooling, and highly advanced UML model driven techniques with XML to attack these problems. More restrictive and highly functional messaging standards are being developed with HL7's FHIR standard for exchange. Security and privacy are being built into the basic structures of the data. We look forward to an interoperable tomorrow.

Galen Mulrooney
Galen Mulrooney

The work of healthcare IT is a highly complicated process. The intricacies of all the possible diseases, laboratory tests, diagnosis, and treatment processes, along with all the other healthcare domains, make the work of data architecture a monumental task. Subject matter experts are needed in the clinical, technical and business realms to meet together regularly. The IT people must understand what the clinical people do and how they think to enable the computers to serve them. Our vision is to supply those experts in the technical and business realms to capture your processes and skillfully and intelligently implement them in your IT systems.