J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.

SDOs & CIMI Terminology Standards

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According to HL7, the goal of the Clinical Information Model Initiative (CIMI) is to “improve the interoperability of healthcare systems through shared implementable clinical information models.” Through this initiative, organizations, including our client, aim to create a shared repository for Detailed Clinical Models (DCMs), which will support EHR data storage, SDOs, clinical trials, and more.

To fulfill this objective, we participate in working groups, such as HL7 CIMI, HL7 FHIR, Patient Care, HL7 Vocab, HL7 Orders and Observations, SNOMED, and LOINC. We attend weekly meetings and report to our client on what is discussed.

We participate in and influence selected SDOs and report on activities and accomplishments to the VA. These efforts include discussing KBS Informatics Architecture and related CIMI proposals, evaluating ballots on information model content to assess patterns and presenting these findings and the advantages of improved development. In this work, we analyze and create terminology standards and coordinate and collaborate with internal and external partners in support of Veteran's health, research, and semantic interoperability.

For more information about this initiative, view our resources here.