J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.

Medical Reference Terminology (MED-RT)

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Previously, we were commissioned with maintaining the National Drug File- Reference Terminology (NDF-RT). Under these efforts, we helped to establish standardized terms and codes for clinical and administrative data. By establishing these terms and codes, we worked to enable automation and interoperability among healthcare software systems within and external to VA.


In 2017, ND-FRT transitioned to Medical Reference Terminology (MED-RT), which has more benefits for the VA and the future of EHRs and Health IT. MED-RT offers multi-terminology, RxNorm-centered content, and Distributed Terminology System (DTS) environments. With MED-RT, our experts can navigate between four terminology standards: RxNORM, MeSH, SNOMED CT, and MED-RT. The first three terminologies focus on drugs and their classifications. RxNorm provides a source of drug ingredients; MeSH contains diseases, chemicals, and drug classifications to express therapeutic indications; and SNOMED CT extends those drug classifications. The MED-RT terminology standard delves deeper into the microbiological and physiological effects and classifications of these drugs. MED-RT is spliced into six sections: Mechanisms of Action, Physiological Effects, FDA Established Pharmacologic Classes, Pharmacokinetics, and Therapeutic Categories.


Currently we update and publish MED-RT with RxNorm, MeSH, and FDA SPL files. We also support internal MED-RT efforts.


For more information on MED-RT, check out our webinars here.