J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.

Program Management and Consultation for the Interagency Clinical Informatics Board (ICIB) and Health Data Sharing Business Line (HDS BL)

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This project is an extension of a previous one we completed with the VA and DoD Health Executive Committee (HEC), a Congressionally authorized interagency organization. For HEC mandated work, VHA provides support to the Interagency Clinical Informatics Board (ICIB), the VA/DoD Health Data Sharing Business Line (HDS BL), and its Work Groups. We provide health systems Subject Matter Experts to liaison with the HDS BL to support data issues resolution. We support meetings, facilitate consensus building, track the deliberation of issues, and make recommendations for their resolution.


We have provided knowledgeable, senior-level program support to Health Informatics, OIA, and VHA for on-going activities with the ICIB. The ICIB is the primary source of input from clinical stakeholders, who define and recommend priorities for enhancing information sharing and continually improving the how clinicians provide health care to VA and DOD beneficiaries. Our SMEs engage committee members to improve VA and DOD data sharing, to validate technical specifications and business requirements, to fulfill our client’s needs, and properly implement terminology standards. We have assessed clinical interoperability opportunities for coordinating and sharing health information related to clinical services, and we have evaluated and recommended improvements to interagency policies regarding this sharing. We have monitored and addressed system performance improvements for existing health information exchanges to ensure these systems support effective and efficient patient care.


With this extension, we continue to work with VHA, DOD, and the ICIB. We regularly lead support team meetings and participate in ICIB meetings, where we have presented findings and decisions regarding information sharing. We participate in workshops, such as the HDS BL Joint Program Synchronization (JPS) group and Population Health to gather feedback, which we then present to our client and the ICIB.