J P Systems, Inc.

J P Systems, Inc.

Federal Health Information Model


For the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) at HHS, we lead the modeling efforts of the Federal Health Information Model, (the FHIM), a program intended to coordinate the efforts of the partner agencies in the development of Electronic Medical Records, information and terminology standards, including the coordination of agency efforts at relevant Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). The project has developed an information model which specifies what classes and data elements should be included in a Federal agencies data model. We have successfully modeled nearly 30 healthcare domains, which form the basis of the Federal Health Information Model today. The domains include: Adverse Event Reporting, Allergies, Audiology and Speech Pathology, Assessment (Mental Health and all other), Behavioral Health, Blood Bank, Care Plan, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Document, Consultation, Data Types, Dental, Dietetics, Encounter, Enrollment, Eligibility and Coordination of Benefits, Home-Based Primary Care, Imaging, Immunization, Laboratory orders and reporting, Health Concerns, Oncology Registry, Orders, Patient Education, Person Demographics, Pharmacy, Prosthetics, Provider, Public Health Reporting, Radiology, Security and Privacy Social Work, Spinal Cord, Surgery, Vital Signs and Woman's Health.

J P Systems provides expertise in UML modeling and assists in setting the technical direction of the project, suggesting and validating different modeling constructs and different methodologies for the transformation of the FHIM classes to various implementable artifacts. We serve as a project liaison, providing outreach and training to the VHA software development projects, VHA leadership, and externally to other federal agencies and to standards development organizations.

This model saves many years of time for development teams, analysts, project managers, researchers, medical staff, laboratory personnel, and other IT staff who need to understand Federal clinical and business processes. For more information visit the model website FHIMS.org.